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Health & Wellness Resources

Check out some of Dr. Kate's favorite health and wellness resources below. Whether you're in need of clean personal care products or medical grade supplements, we have you covered! If you have questions or need specific recommendations, contact Flourish Wellness Practice and Dr. Kate will be happy to provide you with more help and support.


Fullscript is your convenient one-stop-shop for all of your supplement needs! Fullscript offers professional medical-grade supplements that can be shipped directly to your home.

Use the link below to create an account with Flourish and automatically receive 10% off all purchases! You'll also gain access to Dr. Kate's catalog of favorite supplements. 

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Doterra Essential Oils

Many of the products we use in our day-to-day lives are filled with fake fragrances and harmful chemicals. Pure Doterra essential oils offer an alternative to synthetic products in your daily life. Doterra Essential oils are natural, each one offering unique benefits for the body and mind.

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