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  • Writer's pictureDr. Katelynn Nardulli DC, FDNP

My PEMF Story

Have I every told you about my bum knee and how my horse played into my personal Pulse Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) story? This is what lead up to the introduction of PEMF therapy at Flourish Wellness Practice and why I love and trust it so much!

This story began last September in 2021 with a young horse, my 4 year old, off-the-track-thoroughbred (OTTB) named Consilium. When I first got my horse, affectionately nicknamed Connie, he was super tight and body sore from his high-intensity racetrack life. So step one is my boy’s new life with me, as he transitioned into being a sport horse, was decreasing his muscle tension, inflammation and joint pain. During this time we used MagnaWave Pulse Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy as a tool to help him feel better. This was the first time that I heard of MagnaWave or PEMF therapy but it was well know and trusted within the horsey community, so we gave it a shot and began incorporating this therapy into Connie’s wellness routine.

Connie really loved his PEMF sessions and I mean really got into his treatments - he would stretch his legs and neck, roll his eyes back in his head, lick, chew and show signs of pure pleasure each time he had a PEMF session. Over the course of a few weeks, I could also see the stiffness in his joints melting away, the tension in his muscles finally relaxing and he was much less sensitive and body sore, so I could tell that PEMF was working and truly benefiting him! We continued to use PEMF on a biweekly schedule as he detoxed from racetrack life and transitioned into a new style of riding and work.

Now in the background, I had been dealing with tendonitis in my left knee since the summer of 2019… That’s almost 2 full years of chronic knee pain! I was at my wit’s end trying to get this bum knee of mine to feel better and functional normally but nothing seemed to be working for me. During this time I tried it all - I tried anything and everything to alleviate this ongoing knee pain and wanted to bang my head off a wall with each failed attempt. I tried the basic ice and heat combo, I attended 6 weeks of physical therapy, I tried both hot and cold laster treatments, of course I received regular chiropractic adjustment on that knee, I prioritized an anti-inflammatory diet and supplements, I rubbed topical CBD ointment on that knee every night, I did regular epsom salt soaks and I even broke down, got the MRI and a steroid injection. NOTHING HELPED! It was so awful - I couldn’t squat, lunge or go up/down stairs within sharp, severe pain in my left knee. It bothered me every day at work and even just sitting on the couch at night, I would feel an aching and throbbing pain in my knee… it never seemed to go away. Worst of all, I couldn’t ride my horse for more than 10-15 minutes before that knee pain would flare-up and make riding just about unbearable. I had no clue what was fueling or causing this ongoing tendonitis but I do know it permeated every single aspect of my life and not a single day went by that I didn’t wish my knee felt better.

So one day while Connie was getting his routine MagnaWave PEMF session done at the barn, I was watching and icing my knee. Of course I was also b*tching about how bad my knee was achy and throbbing after riding just a few minutes earlier. The gentleman doing Connie’s PEMF therapy offered to do a PEMF session on my knee… I paused at the kind gesture and jokingly asked if his machine had human strength because although my knee was hurting, I wasn’t sure I needed horsey strength. He laughed and assured me that the settings were safe and effective for both humans and horses. So after Connie was finished with his session, I agreed to try PEMF therapy on my knee. I relaxed on a tack trunk in the barn as the MagnaWave PEMF practitioner wrapped loops around my knee and treated me for about 5-10 minutes - it was quick, easy and quite frankly didn’t feel like much. So I thanked our PEMF practitioner friend, scheduled Connie’s next routine session and went home unconvinced that this new therapy was going to help my bum knee that I had been struggling with for years.

That night, as I sat on the couching watching Family Feud with my husband, as we do every night, and I suddenly realized that my knee wasn’t throbbing or hurting… I wondered if the PEMF therapy had really helped or if it was just in my head. But then about an hour later as I climbed the stairs to go to bed, I again noticed there was no sharp, stabbing pain with each and every step. I instantly had tears in my eyes - I don’t even care if it sounds over dramatic because I really did have tears in my eyes!!! After two years of having pain in my knee every single day, I suddenly had a ping of hope that maybe I had found some relief! I bet you would get emotional too! The next morning, my knee wasn’t totally pain-free but it still wasn’t as bad as it usually was when I went down the stairs to start my day. I texted our PEMF practitioner friend and told him about my miraculous story… he wasn’t surprised at all or really even really that impressed with my story because he had seen PEMF help similar conditions time and time again over the years of doing MagnWave PEMF on horses and humans. He kept his cool as I celebrated and since I couldn’t jump through the phone and hug him like I wanted to, I just scheduled a second PEMF session for my knee with hopes that I was finally onto something.

I’m thrilled to tell you that my knee is currently pain-free and I have resumed all the actives that I used to love doing prior to my tendonitis with no issues at all. I won’t lie, out of all the things I had tried on my bum knee, I was utterly shocked that MagnaWave PEMF was the therapy that gave me lasting knee relief! Now full transparency, each time I did a PEMF session there was relief and improvement in my tendonitis but I had to do about 6-8 consecutive treatments before my knee was totally pain-free. And I then had to slowly ease my way back into full activity levels but this approach allowed me to resume running, biking, weight lifting, climbing stairs and riding my horse with a pain-free knee once again.

After my own success story, I knew that this was a therapy that could benefit members of the Flourish Family. I am now a certified MagnaWave Practitioner offering Pulse Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy at Flourish Wellness Practice. PEMF Therapy promotes cellular exercise, which increases circulation, blood oxygenation and helps the body recover naturally, while also reducing inflammation and pain. PEMF supports the body's natural, innate ability to heal! It's a fact that the body needs food, water and oxygen to survive but we must also have energy. PEMF is all about harnessing the energy within the cells of your body to help it perform at its optimal level and help you to feel your best.

If you know someone struggling with chronic joint pain or a linger injury please share this blog post with them! If I can help even just one person who is struggling like I was, then my heart is happy and my purpose in the holistic healing space is being fulfilled.

If you are wondering if MagnaWave PEMF might benefit YOU, please contact Flourish Wellness Practice so that we can talk in more detail about your specific condition. I'll gladly offer you a complimentary PEMF session to welcome you into the flourish family.

That's my story! MagnaWava PEMF healed my bum knee and alleviated my daily pain and I have since then seen PEMF therapy do that for numerous other patients as well!


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