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Meet the Flourish Family


 Dr. Katelynn Nardulli DC, FDNP
( You can call me Dr. Kate! )

Doctor of Chiropractic, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Founder of Flourish Wellness Practice

Dr. Kate completed her education at Palmer College of Chiropractic and then continued her credentials with Functional Diagnostic Nutrition to learn even more about holistic healing after her own health struggles related to Hashimoto's Disease.


Dr. Kate has nine years of clinical experience and practiced as a chiropractic associate in a multi-disciplinary practice before opening Flourish Wellness Practice in 2020.

If Dr. Kate's not in the practice, she is likely at a local farm where she boards her horse. She enjoys horseback riding and the rewarding process of re-training her young off-the-track thoroughbred, Connie. You'll often hear stories about this silly boy in conversation at the practice. 

Dr. Kate also enjoys traveling - she has even participated in a Clinic Abroad Program to Brazil. She also enjoys cooking and wine tasting with her husband of 5 years. Dr. Kate is also known to read nerdy functional medicine books and loves business-related podcasts. To relax and unwind she will sometimes paint with water colors or take long walks at Hartwood Acres Park with her goldendoodles. 


Goldendoodles -Mosley,
Beretta & Ghost

Receptionists, Mascots, Welcoming Committee, Security, Cuddle Buddies and Resident Therapy Dogs at Flourish

Dr. Kate's goldendoodles are always at Flourish, excited to greet and welcome patients!

Mosley is our rust-colored female and is 8 years old; she loves to lean on your leg, give you those puppy-dog eyes and receive lots of scratches. 

Beretta is our biggest blonde boy and he is 5 years old; he loves to show off his toys to patients but very rarely wants to give them up for fetch.

Ghost is our puppy-in-training! This little blonde boy is just about 1 year old and is kind of a shy-guy right now but he's really a lover once he warms up to you.


These fluffer-butts love to play with the many kids that we serve at Flourish and are super gentle and friendly. The doodles look forward to meeting you or seeing you at your next appointment for some cuddles and scratches!

FUN FACT: All 3 goldendoodles share a birthday within one day of each other!

(If a patient happens to be uncomfortable with dogs, the pups don't mind, they have a big bed and private room that they stay in during your treatment at Flourish.)

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